Pattaya Police inspect three local bars after resident complaints, find multiple problems


Thai police inspected three bars in the Third Road area of Pattaya this morning, July 2nd, 2019 around 2:00 AM after a tip from a concerned citizen that they were open past the legal sales time and disturbing nearby residents with loud noise and rowdy patrons.

The three clubs, translated from Thai as Samed Chill, Depending Bar and Makkasan, were all found to be open past their legal license time. Additionally, they were serving alcoholic beverages past the legal time of operation.

Samed Chill also had a false front pretending to be closed but was indeed open inside with many customers still drinking and purchasing alcoholic drinks.

Police checked patrons Id cards and drug tested all the customers at each venue.

Two underage patrons (The legal age to be present in a bar in Thailand is 20 years of age) were found at Samed Chill and one man tested positive for drugs.

The owners and management of the three clubs, according to police, will all face legal proceedings and multiple charges.

The man who tested positive for drugs was also arrested and will be charged accordingly.

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