Thai department of public health is set to prosecute the massage parlor where foreign tourist died this week

The Thai department of public health is set to prosecute the massage parlor where a Spanish man died while having an “oil massage”.

Earlier reports suggested Mr. Vincente Fernandez died at the Central Pattaya establishment from an existing pre-condition while undergoing what was described as an “abdominal massage”.

Dr. Natthawut Prasertsiripong said that investigations show that the massage parlor in question had no right to advertise as a health massage shop and had no license for health massage.

In addition, the only one of the staff not qualified to give health massage was the one who had given the Spanish man his treatment.

The shop, called Lotus Massage, faces fines of 40,000 baht for advertising a health massage and the owner could be jailed for six months and/or fined 50,000 baht for not having the required license.


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