Pattaya City repairs 3 Water Pump Stations to battle flooding

Pattaya City officials inspect and repair local water stations

PATTAYA:–Pattaya repaired three vital pump stations suffering from damage and neglect.

Deputy Mayor Pattana Boonsawat led city workers to stations on Third Road, Bali Hai Pier and South Pattaya Nov. 15. They comprise half of the pump stations Pattaya utilizes to mitigate flooding.

The others are located at Lan Po Market in Naklua, the Pikplub Canal and Nongyai Temple.

The Third Road station had suffered the most damage, with vital parts suffering corrosion from acidic water, Pattaya officials claimed. The station plays a key role in keeping flooding down on Beach Road, as it receives water from both the Bali Hai and South Pattaya stations.

Most of the Third Road station had been out of service since Nov. 13 and the two South Pattaya stations also had numerous broken pumps due to neglected maintenance.

Of the 14 pumps at the Third Road station, seven were broken and the city did not have replacement parts. They had to be manufactured, leading to the delays, Pattana said.

A fire truck was called in to pump water out of the station before repairs could be completed.

The South Pattaya station has 10 pumps and the Bali Hai station nine. Officials did not specify how many of those needed repairs.
A contractor also cleaned and spruced up the landscaping around the pump stations

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