Oil Truck collides with parked Pepsi Truck at Gas Station, Driver Killed


On November 20th, 2018, at around 2:00PM a 10 wheeler Oil Truck owned by the Hino company collided with a parked 18 wheel Pepsi truck at a gas station located on Highway Number 36 at the entrance to Rayong 1. The crash took place during a heavy rainstorm which limited visibility. Witnesses stated the parked Pepsi Truck had turn lights flashing properly.

The Driver of the Oil Truck, Mr. Uthai Phon, 38 years old, survived the incident and was cut out with a knife from the wreck by rescuers. Regretfully, he passed away at the Banglamung hospital a short time later.

The Driver of the Pepsi Truck, a 48 year old Mr. Prapapatwong, stated that he was parked at the pump and awaiting fuel when Mr. Phon crashed into him at a high rate of speed. Mr. Prapatwong stated that at the speed Mr. Phon was driving at it seemed that he was either distracted or sleeping. Mr. Prapapatwong was not injured in the accident.

A witness at the gas station, who did not want to be named by The Pattaya News, stated that Mr. Phon did not slow down when driving into the station and did not appear to even hit his breaks when he crashed into the Pepsi truck. Both trucks sustained damage, however, luckily, the oil did not set fire.

Police are investigating the CCTV from the gas station in the incident.


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