Update on Brazen Home Thief in Pattaya Area, 20,000 Baht reward offered


As we reported yesterday, Mr. Alex Swenson, a Pattaya expat who lives in the Suksabai Villas, has offered a 20,000 baht reward for any information leading to the identification and arrest of a brazen home thief/invader who has been serial robbing and breaking into peoples homes in the area. The majority of invasions have been while the owner is asleep or occupied. The thief is believed to be a Thai National and stole 70,000 baht of possessions from Mr. Swenson while he watched television in the bedroom.

Since we posted the original article we have had another resident of the area, Mr. Anders Justal, come forward with his own CC footage of a break-in and theft from his residence while he was sleeping upstairs. We have included that picture with this article.

Any information that you have or if you know this man please contact Mr. Alex Swenson on his Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/alex.swenson.792


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