Local Expat resident seeks help in identifying brazen home thief, reward offered


Mr. Alex Swenson, a resident of Suksubai Villas in the Pattaya area, has shared this image of an unidentified man, believed to be a Thai National who was caught on his home CCTV system robbing the residence. Mr. Swenson states that 70,000 baht was taken from the residence. Mr. Swenson was home at the time of the robbery and was watching television in the bedroom, which can be seen with a closed door in the left hand corner of the picture but did not hear anything. The man was in and out within a few minutes but did not appear to be in a hurry.

Mr. Swenson informed The Pattaya News that Suksubai Villas has been a victim of home robberies for several months now and several residents, including himself, have been targeted. It is believed to be the same individual seen in the photo.

He has already contacted Pattaya Police who are assisting, however, he is offering a 20,000 baht to any information that leads to the arrest of the thief.

If you recognize this individual or have any tips please contact Mr. Swenson directly on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/alex.swenson.792