Elon Musk verbally attacks Cave Rescue Diver and Pattaya in explosive and angry email to press


Billionaire Buinessman Elon Musk and British Diver Vernon Unsworth, who helped rescue the trapped soccer team in a cave near Chiang Mai earlier in the year, are once again in the news.

In a private email, which has since been released, sent to Buzzfeed news who were seeking clarity on Mr. Musk’s response to Vernon Unsworth filing a lawsuit for defamation of character, Mr. Musk went “all in” on his thoughts and response to Mr. Unsworth.

Buzzfeed released the e-mail as they stated, despite Mr. Musk saying it was off the record, they never agreed to that condition and to be off the record they would have needed to also give consent.

Some of the statements in the e-mail include calling Mr. Unsworth a child rapist, saying there is only one reason people go to Pattaya Beach, inferring only child rapists live in Chiang Mai, accusing Mr. Unsworth of marrying a twelve year old and calling the reporter a, quote, “fucking asshole.”

Multiple news media sources have done background checks and attempted to get further clarification or evidence of these claims Mr. Musk stated and none have been discovered as truthful or supporting evidence so far.

Mr. Musk has so far not responded to comment from multiple press inquiries around the world. Mr. Unsworth has stated he is proceeding forward with the lawsuit. Other individuals involved in the rescue stated that Mr. Musk has been going forward with the verbal attack because he was upset that the cave diving experts told him his services were not needed in the rescue and his submarine idea would have failed miserably. Mr. Unsworth also stated that Elon Musk only reached out to help to attempt to brand himself, vs. any true concern for the children.



Adam Judd
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