Pattaya City Council Approves 95 Million Baht Budget to dispose of waste on Koh Larn, Build incinerator


After several years of complaints and various studies and solutions, the Pattaya City Council today approved a 95 million baht budget with a one year time frame to dispose of the waste on Koh Larn and build an incinerator to properly dispose of the waste from it’s current location on the island.

With the amount of tourist arrivals on Koh Larn, as much as 20 tons of waste is accumulated on the island daily, increasing the size of the landfill to it’s current level.

Several plans have been discussed in the past year, including possibly even requiring tourists to pay a fee to visit the island to reduce the level of trash. This, however, will not be taking place.

The waste on Koh Larn will be brought by boat and contractors to the proper disposal site located in Samut Prakarn in Rayong. As stated, it is anticipated to take up to a year to get the waste off the island and to the proper disposal location. The council cautioned that it will take up to two months to solidify the plan with the contractors and move to the procurement phase, at which point they will have 365 days to remove the waste from the current landfill area.

Upon the completion of the waste removal process an incinerator will be built at the spot to properly dispose of trash on the island. King Mongkut’s College of Technology has been personally assisting with developing a plan for the incinerator and what it will need to properly dispose of the islands waste and keep it beautiful.


Adam Judd
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