Honest Minibus Driver returns backpack to tourist with 5000 baht cash


Mr. Sachin Yadav, 22, had recently arrived with four friends from India for his first vacation to Thailand. He and his friends rented a minibus to visit local tourist attractions, driven by Mr. Sanya Tong Thong 39 years old. Upon finishing the day and arriving back at his hotel on Soi One on Beach Road, Mr. Yadav in a moment of forgetfulness forgot his backpack which contained multiple personal items and five thousand baht, about 150USD, in cash.

Mr. Thong discovered the backpack at the end of his shift, informed his supervisor and stored the backpack there. His supervisor contacted Mr. Yadav through the information they had on file for the tour and reunited the two.

Both men were all smiles and Mr. Yadav spoke to the local media. He stated the following:

“This is my first trip and first day to Pattaya. I will be staying for four more days. I am overjoyed at the honesty and kindness of Thai people. This truly is the land of smiles. Thank you so much for making my holiday.”

Mr. Thong stated to Thai media that he would never keep something that was not his own


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