New Traffic Police Commander in Pattaya sets to improve traffic congestion problems


Pattaya has a newly chosen Traffic Commander for the Traffic Police and he is set to bring changes to the way the Traffic Police currently do their jobs.

Police Major Arut Supanon said in first official public interview earlier this week that he will be moving back the start times of Traffic Police to thirty minutes earlier, at 6:30AM, to help resolve morning traffic issues. He specifically mentioned schools and congestion near schools, especially the school located directly near Walking Street and Second Road.

He stated his further plans are to redeploy officers to congested areas to help resolve congestion vs. rather trying to catch people at ticket spots during congestive hours and assist the public. He also stated that they will continue to enforce rules and restrictions on individuals without a legal motorbike license, both foreign and Thai, and confiscate bikes when people are caught without one.

He also stated he is meeting with management of the major schools in Pattaya to enforce specific drop off and pick up zones and times for transportation for the students to the schools.

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