Pedophile from USA caught on camera exposing himself to group of kids at temple (Video)


Surveillance cameras outside a temple in Thailand caught a disturbing scene on Tuesday night after an American pedophile began exposing himself and grabbing at children.

Identified as 65-year-old Michael Stillinger, the pervert from Portland, Oregon, was shown on the film approaching a group of children between the ages of two and nine years old in Pai, Thailand.

The man even snatched and hugged a little girl who was thankfully pulled away by her friend.

Stillinger then dropped his pants to expose his penis while shouting the words “I love you” to the children.

A local expat resident named Tom Baroni reportedly took action and called the police after interviewing the terrorized kids when they came home to his neighbours. Baroni, who is originally from Sweden, says Mr. Stillinger claimed he lives in India and is involved with an orphanage there.

Local police arrested Mr. Stillinger shortly after the incident and Mr. Baroni’s complaint and at the police station he was told to pay a fine of 500 Thailand baht for “public nudity”  and another 500 baht for “being drunk in public leading to disorderly conduct.” Mr. Stillinger claimed to police he was very drunk, blacked out and was not aware of his behavior.

However, of course, it’s not over yet as police had not yet seen the CCTV footage from the temple.

While Stillinger was released that night, he was arrested again within hours soon after investigators reviewed the security camera footage and saw what he has been up to.

Police are now processing the deportation and blacklisting of the sexpat for being a “danger to children.” They have also notified the F.B.I. in America.

“Police investigated the case of Michael Stillinger, aged 65, an American citizen of being naked with children and attempting to perform a lewd act with children.” Pai Police Major General Bandit Tungkasan was quoted in local news.

“Police in Pai arrested the suspect and he was fined and released. CCTV was checked again after complaints from citizens and we considered this person very dangerous and it is not appropriate for him to stay in Thailand.” Mr. Tungkasan further stated.

“There is a risk of him doing crimes against children in Thailand. The suspect was caught and sent to the Chiang Mai Provincial Police Department to be charged in the Kingdom of Thailand. The police will also pursue the course for him to be blacklisted so that he is not allowed to enter Thailand. We will continue to push him out of Thailand.” Mr. Tunkasan ended his statement with this.

We here at The Pattaya news warn that the following images and video may be disturbing to some readers.


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