Morning fire breaks out at Isalon on Walking Street next to Club Insomnia

Air technicians moving compressor state the fire started mysteriously on it's own and was not their fault.


A medium size fire broke out in the early morning of Friday, April 7th at the Isalon, part of the Club Insomnia group and next door to the popular and frequently packed nightclub in the center of Walking Street in Pattaya. The fire occurred at 10AM and started on the flat roof of the building. Air conditioning technicians were moving and installing a new air compressor on the roof of the building when they stated that they noticed a fire had started nearby.

The technicians, who along with a small number of staff who were able to get out without difficulty, stated that they were not responsible for the fire and it had nothing to do with installing the new compressor, despite nobody else being in the area at the time on the roof.

The technicians and staff managed to put out the fire themselves with fire extinguishers although the fire department arrived quickly. This incident continues a series of fire incidents on the popular walking street. Luckily this fire was at a time of day when the night club next door, one of Pattaya’s busiest tourist destinations with thousands of people a night, was closed.

Damage was contained to only I Salon and is being assessed at this time. Insomnia, much to the delight of it’s many fans, was not damaged. An investigation is underway as officials do not quite believe the claim from the air technicians that the fire started mysteriously on it’s own.

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