British tourist brutally stabbed multiple times in Pattaya by 38 year old Thai girlfriend


Last night, during the early hours of Friday evening the 7th of April a currently unidentified British tourist was stabbed multiple times at a local Pattaya hotel by a 38 year old Thai woman, who said she was his girlfriend and has currently only been named as Ms. Waran.

Details are scarce at this time however the man is currently still alive albeit in critical condition at Pattaya Memorial Hospital with multiple severe stab wounds and fighting for his life.

Ms. Waran seemed unapologetic at the scene of the man’s hotel and was stated by officers to be smirking and smiling after the incident and seemed relaxed and calm as she showed police the weapon used, the state of the room and the man’s bloodied clothing. She has been taken into police custody pending charges at this time. She declined, however, to state exactly why she tried to stab the man to death. She also tested positive for yabba/meth.

Our thoughts are with the gentleman and his hopeful recovery. We will provide further updates as we get them. Photos are below, be warned they are very graphic.

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