Another tourist beat up on Walking Street, this time by two pirated CD vendors


Details are scarce but on the same night as the running battle with Ladyboys and a drunk tourist we reported on earlier another unidentified tourist last night, in the early hours of the 21st of March, 2018, got into an extended brawl with two men who appear to be Thai who were selling pirated CD’s near Living Doll Showcase Gogo on Walking Street.

The tourist managed to escape mostly unharmed but witnesses stated he was attacked because he drunkenly stumbled into the CD table knocking over the CD’s. When the Thai’s demanded an apology the witness stated the tourist refused and insulted them at which point they attacked him. The witness states if the tourist had apologized politely he would not have been attacked.

This is the second incident in the same day and social media has been asking what the authorities and police are doing to control these incidents on Walking Street, a dedicated Safety Zone. Police have not publically commented on the incidents at this time. Local residents on Thai websites also asked why these vendors are allowed in full view of the police to sell pirated CD’s on Walking street.

Additionally, some residents asked why anyone would purchase a CD in 2018.

(Editors Note: If you stumble into a table or cart, and we have seen this many times, because you are drunk simply apologize and walk away. Will avoid an issue.)


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