Army relaunches enforcement of Baht Bus Stops

Drivers caught stopping in non designated areas sentenced to community service.


Major Paijit Charoenpong of the National Council for Peace and Order’s Bang­lamung division led an unannounced check on pickup trucks (Also called Baht busses or songtaews) and metered taxis, tour buses and minivans on Beach Road Feb. 22.

The intention was to help ease traffic congestion and let public transport drivers know that the military hasn’t forgotten about the new rules and bus stops it put in place last year even though months have gone by without any enforcement.

Baht buses, in particular, were caught throughout the day stopping in forbidden areas. Drivers had their licenses confiscated and were told they could retrieve them from the military after performing an unspecified amount of hours of  community service at the local Photisampan Temple. This community service consists of gardening, general cleaning and feeding the monks.

The army stated that repeat offenders will have their vehicles seized for a week or more with serial offenders seeing their licenses revoked.

These checks are expected to continue for the near future in the Pattaya area.

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