Tourist claims he was robbed in his hotel for over 200,000 baht


An Italian tourist claimed that he was drugged which caused him to become unconscious and robbed by two women inside his hotel room of cash and valuables worth more than Bt200,000.


  The tourist, Cosimo Tato, 64, of Italy, filed a complaint at Pattaya Police Station at 12.30am on Saturday February 24th. In his complaint, he said he was robbed in his room on the 10th floor of Best Condo on Pattaya II Road by two strangers. The condominium building also doubles as a hotel.

Tato told police that the two women, whom he did not know, knocked on the door saying they wanted to inspect the room because they wanted to buy it. Mr. Tato stated he let them in as he believed that they were prior purchasers of the condo he was staying in. Tato said he allowed them inside and led them around but he suddenly became unconscious. He claims he did not drink or consume anything.

When he regained consciousness, he stated that he found 5,000 euros (Bt193,000) in cash, a necklace worth 2,000 euros and Bt3,000 in cash were stolen. He did not reveal if he had this out in the open or in a safe.

A police source said investigators doubted the account of the tourist. They suspected that if the man was really robbed, he must have known the women but he somehow declined to identify them. Additionally, they doubted that an average tourist would let two strange women in to look at their hotel room for purchase at 10PM at night.

A security officer on duty stated he did NOT see any women enter the condo. Police officers will be inspecting the CCTV footage which is working to attempt to identify the two women or even to ensure they were actually present. Police will then decide which way to pursue the investigation.

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SOURCEThe Nation
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