Thai police catch two poachers killing protected animals in National Park

Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima-

Thai Police and local officials have stated to the press that they have multiple suspects in a poaching case near Pak Chong, in a wildlife sanctuary at Khao Yai National Park. Over the weekend Thai officials and park rangers stopped a truck with two Thai men, one named as a Mr. Apiwat, leaving the park. Upon a preliminary inspection officials did not discover anything however they stated that both men were acting nervous and suspicious. The police proceeded to give a full inspection of the vehicle and found in a hidden compartment the bags of mutilated and protected boar, buffalo and bears.

The animals had been slaughtered, according to officials, in a horrific and uncaring way on National park land, which is against Thai law. Additionally, as the area is a wildlife sanctuary additional charges will apply to both men. Police also stated that two further suspects who were working with Mr. Apiwat and his associate have also been identified and arrest warrants have been issued to attempt to stop ongoing poaching at the National park.

Thai police stated that the suspects captured the animals by placing deliberate traps at a popular watering hole for animals at the National park which left them in extreme pain. They then proceeded to slaughter the trapped animals and cut them into pieces at which point they placed them into bags intending on selling them on the black market and for consumption.

Local residents of Pak Chong are outraged by the men’s actions and disregard for the land and the protected status of the animals. Officials state that the men involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of Thai law and any further attempt at poaching on National park land will not be tolerated.


Adam Judd
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