English man, 30 year Thailand resident, living in squalor and unable to walk in Buriam seeks help

Mr. Martin Anderson, aged 65, in his current home in Buriam.


A foreign man and his wife, Ms. Thanyaluck Sarapanya, are appealing to the public for assistance. Mr. Martin Anderson, aged 65, has lived in Thailand legally for over thirty years. He has been employed by numerous companies primarily in the Pattaya area. Ten years ago he met his wife, got married and they moved to Buriam to settle and live together. They have several young children currently in school, reported to be at grade level 5.

Recently, Mr. Anderson, who weighs over 200kg and has had difficulty walking for some time, had a major fall in the bathroom and is now unable to walk at all. He is unable to work, has spent his savings and has fallen on hard times due to his inability to walk and his weight. His home is rented, not owned and the family have been unable to pay the rent in three months and are now facing eviction with nowhere to go along with the children.

Mr. Anderson stated that he has reached out to his embassy for assistance but as he is unable to travel or walk they have been unable to help him and at this time have not visited him. Additionally, his wife is also blind due to a recent accident and unable to work as well and remains his sole caretaker and provider.

Mr. Anderson did not have the money to purchase a laptop as he wanted to return to work online running ads for companies. Local authorities and neighbours in his village in Buriam as well as Mr. Bhin Bannruennit, well known member of the Grateful Gratitude Foundation, banded together and provided the money for a second hand laptop so he could attempt to return to work, albeit online.


Local officials donating money to the family to assist them in purchasing a laptop so Mr. Anderson can work.

That being said, the family is still in dire times and attempting to get their past due rent paid and to pay for Mr. Anderson’s medical treatment for his fall so he can return to exercising. They have asked publically on Thai websites for assistance and we at The Pattaya News are reposting this.

The family will accept even small donations through their Siam Commercial Bank Account, 2 2 1 2 2 6 8 7 3 9, a savings account.  They appreciate any help they can have during these tough times.

The condition of the couples home.
Local officials meeting with the family hoping to give assistance.


SOURCEBhin Fanclub page
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