Update 3: Thai Police confirm they have video footage of the bar brawl between American and Australian resulting in death

Suspect Jose Manuel Polanco Jr from New York, America.


We here at The Pattaya News have the following statement from Police Superintendent Apichai Kroppech regarding the recent bar brawl incident at The Ruby Club in Northern Pattaya last Friday evening in which an Australian citizen later died from his injuries ( https://thepattayanews.com/2018/02/11/australian-national-dies-fight-american-foreigner-popular-northern-pattaya-bar/ ).

Khun Kroppech stated that they have obtained CCTV footage and video from the fight. They will not be releasing the video publically at this time, however, did confirm that the video clearly shows Mr. Polanco punching Mr. Robb in the face at which point he fell. He also stated that the video clearly shows that after Mr. Robb fell Mr. Polanco proceeded to kick him in the facial area at least ten times as Mr. Robb lay undefended.

The police also confirmed the incident was sparked when Mr. Robb grabbed a waitress by the throat in the bar. However, the waitress stated to the police that Mr. Robb and her were joking around and not serious and Mr. Polanco misinterpreted it as a sign of aggression and stepped in. Both suspects were reported to be highly under the influence at the time of the incident, roughly 7:30PM on Friday evening as several witnesses reported that they had both been drinking at the bar steadily for several hours.

Mr. Polanco’s first court appearance is due early next week. The re-enactment, part of Thai law, in which Mr. Polanco will return to the scene of the crime with police to demonstrate what he did is expected to be next week as well. His trial is currently scheduled for the end of next month. Mr. Polanco was unable to raise the funds to bail himself out and will remain in custody throughout the trial. It is unknown if he has a lawyer at this time.

We here at The Pattaya News will continue to give you follow-up on this story.


SOURCEThe Pattaya News
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