Update 2: American, Jose Manuel Polanco Jr., involved in fatal bar fight, has previous record of manslaughter in America

A young Mr. Polanco.


We here at the Pattaya News have another update on the American citizen charged with manslaughter in the death of Mr. Benjamin Robb from Victoria, Australia during a bar fight at the Ruby Club in Northern Pattaya.

Looking into his past history, it turns out this is NOT the first time Mr. Polanco has been accused of murder/manslaughter and someone else has died at his hands. As can be seen from the links below, Mr. Polanco was accused, convicted and served time (albeit only a few years and probation afterwards) for manslaughter after a fight in the early 90’s.

The following links show this evidence and are quite clear this is the same man and he has a history of this behaviour.



The case information states that originally the charge was murder, however, was dropped to manslaughter and involved a firearm.

We will provide further updates as we get them here at the Pattaya News.

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