Australian national dies after a fight with American foreigner in popular Northern Pattaya Bar



On Friday evening, February 9th  around 7:30PM two foreign patrons got into a fight at the popular Ruby Bar located in Northern Pattaya. The Australian, Mr. Benjamin Robb, of Newport Victoria, Australia, estimated to be in his mid to late forties, sustained several major injuries, was knocked unconscious and appeared to have a seizure in the fight with an American citizen, estimated to be in his late twenties to early thirties, whose name at this time is being withheld pending trial. Paramedics and police responded quickly to the scene of the incident within a few minutes and brought Mr. Robb to Pattaya Memorial Hospital. Additionally, multiple people including the bar staff attempted to assist Mr. Robb and speedily contacted the police and paramedics, including another patron with medical experience who properly put Mr. Robb in the recovery position and attempted to deliver first aid.

Regretfully, around 3:00AM Thai time Mr. Robb passed away as a result of his injuries, stated to be internal bleeding and severe facial damage as a result of sustained impact to his cranium and skull.

The American initially fled the scene of the crime, however, later turned himself in willingly to face the consequences at the police station located on Soi 9 and is currently being held awaiting his first appearance in court and a re-enactment of the tragic fight, estimated to be in about ten days. Mr. Robb’s family and the Australian embassy have been stated to have been informed of his death. It is unknown at this time if the American citizen has a lawyer.

It is unclear what started the fight at this time but several eye witnesses report that Mr. Robb was being aggressive and agitated towards the American as well as bar staff. The witnesses also report both patrons were heavily intoxicated during the time of the incident and had been steadily consuming and drinking shots and liquor for several hours prior to the fight.

The ID of Mr. Robb

A statement from the ownership of the Ruby Club released to popular Pattaya area message boards is as follows:

An altercation lasting less than 20 seconds between two customers on Friday night resulted in one person being taken to hospital with serious looking injuries, which sadly resulted in him passing away in the early hours of Saturday morning. No other customer or staff member was injured during the incident.
The other individual involved handed himself in to police and it is understood he is to remain in custody until a court appearance in 10 days or so.
Whilst our thoughts remain with the victims relatives, we would also like to thank the emergency services for their prompt and professional attention in dealing with the incident’

The Thai police have not issued an official statement at this time as they continue to investigate the crime and determine what charges will be filed. They are, however, fully aware of the incident and have promised to deliver a complete and through investigation to determine what led to the fatal fight. They also praised the quick response of the bar staff, paramedics, police, tourist police and other patrons who attempted to assist and bring the situation under control quickly and for calling the police immediately.

We will provide further updates as we get them as the re-enactment of the crime and the trial date approaches. We here at The Pattaya News extend our sympathy to the victims family.


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