Update: Pool Tables, Dance Floors to be taxed/licensed in addition to dart boards

Update from our article yesterday: https://thepattayanews.com/2018/02/03/dart-boards-leagues-suspended-throughout-pattaya-businesses-told-new-license-coming/

The Pattaya News and local business owners have sought clarification from Pattaya City Hall and the Ampur on the news that dart boards are to be licensed and taxed. Officials from city hall clarified the following:

A. The current entertainment license does NOT cover pool tables, dart boards or dance floors. A business will need BOTH licenses. All types of dart boards, pool tables, etc are included even small play versions or magnetic/electronic dart boards.

B. There is to be a separate license, which they stated is available to purchase (at this time not confirmed or price confirmed and our contacts have stated they continue to inquire about this information but cannot get a set answer.) through the Ampur.

C. You will need a separate license for each item, for instance, if you have a pool table, a dart board and a dance floor you will need 3 separate licenses.

D. The license is based PER dart board or PER pool table. So a pool hall with multiple pool tables will pay substantially higher then a beer bar with a single pool table.

E. Dance floors are to be charged per square foot of the dance floor. This is why some discos, such as Bamboo near Walking Street, have opted to get rid of the dance floor.

F. Enforcement is currently taking place, regardless of the ability to properly get the license at this time, which is why multiple businesses have removed their dart boards or dance floors. Pool tables being announced as well will likely also cause disruption.

We here at The Pattaya News will continue to provide updates as we get them as this affects many tourists and expats alike in Pattaya.

SOURCEPattaya City Hall
Adam Judd
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