Reminder: Effective today, February 1st, the Pattaya beach smoking ban enforcement begins.

Effective today, Thursday February 1st, the Pattaya Beach smoking ban and enforcement of fines begins taking place.

Previously, Mayor Anan Charoenchasri led a Jan. 19 quit-smoking event on Jomtien Beach with officials from the Disease Control Department, Pattaya police representatives, and Marine and Coastal Resources Management Office 2 to tout the Feb. 1 start of enforcement of the ban that became law last year.

City workers offered free health checks and speakers offered tips on how to kick the habit. Others spoke to a large crowd about the health hazards of smoking and second-hand smoke, as well as the impact on the environment that cigarette butts cause.
The event ended with a yoga class and public officials leading a beach clean-up where they claimed to collect more than 50,000 discarded butts.

The Mayor has given authority to implement the ban to the Marine and Coastal Resources office. However, police and municipal officers also will be enforcing the ban and can heavily fine or arrest smokers lighting up outside designated areas.

The Mayor’s office continues to ensure they educate the public on the enforcement period that will begin today and wants to remind both tourists, Thai nationals and expats that enforcement will begin today. There are multiple designated smoking areas implemented on Dongtan Beach and Jomtien Beach at this time where enforcement will not take place set back from the main beach. These will be coming to Pattaya Beach in the near future, authorities stated.


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