Thai police locate 200 methamphetamine tablets hidden in mans buttocks

Police pointing at the location of the meth tablets.


In Northern Phayao province Thai police responded to a tip and searched a local Thai man Pattapong Chaimongkol, 27. Conducting a standard body search the Thai police did not locate anything suspicious. However, the Thai police stated the man was continuing to act nervous and suspicious. At this point police asked to perform a full search.

When Mr. Chaimongkol pulled down his underwear police were quick to notice a a blue plastic bag sticking out of his buttocks, shoved up his rectum. Inside of the bag were over 200 meth tablets, called Yabba locally.

Mr. Chaimongkol admitted the drugs were his and that he intended to sell them to other local residents. He was arrested and will be charged to the fullest extent of Thai law. We here at The Pattaya News thank the Thai police for going to any measure needed to catch drug dealers.

He was charged with possession of the Category 1 drug with intent to sell.

Source: Coconuts.

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